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    Bátia, since 1976 high standard in quality and in services, supplying the international market with the seal Brazilian Premium Fresh Fruit.
                   Brazilian Premium Fresh Fruit
    Focused on Ready-to-Eat fruit, Euroconte ships on daily basis, throughout the whole year, in order to keep the freshness of its fruits. High standard of quality,
.strong partnership with clients and suppliers,
commitment with food safety, human health andenvironmental protection and a serious social and environmental policy mark down,  in a consistent and punctual way, those more than 30 years of Bátia’s performance in the fruit business.
    The seal Brazilian Premium Fresh Fruit means that you are purchasing a top quality Brazilian product which cares for the consumer’s health as for the social and environmental aspects of its production.
®Batia  ®Manacá  GLOBALG.A.P.
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Manacá brand shares with Bátia
brand the excellence and the high
standards which conquered, during
all those years, the international market.

Manacá, Brazilian Finest Fruit at your table